Android Templates and advance concepts

Android GUI: 1000+ fully editable PSD elements like widgets, buttons, interactions and more

Regular Expression testing site

Navigation Drawer with multiple tabs

Android and PHP Mysql  connectivity

PHP Android Tutorial Part 1 – Insert Into MySQL Database

Android Login and Registration with Php and Mysql


Option Menus Using  Fragments

Adding ActionBar Items From Within Your Fragments

On click of Option Menu Open alert Dialogbox

Fragment and Viewpager

Page contain many links for designing android apps

Sliding menu options

Add sliding menu with animation to an Activity

Fetch Data from Mysql and display into the listview

Android JSON Parsing – Retrieve From MySQL Database

Material Designing Links

Toolbar Animation with Android Design Support Library

Collapsing Toolbar

Collapsing Toolbars Android Example

Listview in Multiple Tabs

Searchview in actionbar Functionality

Adding Search Functionality to Your Android Application Activity with SearchView and Search Dialog

Material Design login

Login With Drawer

Drawer With Activity

Google Maps–cms-24635



Google Calender API

Steps to install device


Android Custom ListView with Image and Text using Volley